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From the Start of Clor's we have been involved and

focused on Clubfitting. 

You are one of a Kind, so why should your Clubs be any less? 

Not only has equipment changed radically over the past

years...Clubfitting technologies have changed even more.

Who do you want fitting your new

set of golf clubs?

At Clor's we have the knowledge and

means to help you gain a clear

understanding of the club that best fits

your swing and abilities. Expert

clubfitting is a talent that is only

acquired through years of experience

and training.

Adrianne Clor is a specialist in the art

of custom club fitting and doesn't want

to just sell you a set of clubs or a new driver; she wants to

properly fit you for the clubs you and your game demand.

Adrianne has received Clubfitting Awards from Callaway and

Ping Golf and has completed fitting certification from Major

Manufacturers.   Both Adrianne and Ken Clor have participated

in fitting programs offered by manufacturers, learning about

their products, how they are manufactured, and how to

correctly fit golf clubs.

Clor's Outpost is equipped with the knowledge, equipment

and experience to custom-fit any golfer for a complete set of

golf clubs. Callaway Golf and Ping have acknowledged the

commitment to clubfitting and service we provide and have

recognized us among their top Clubfitters.


We use FlightScope 3D radar based golf

ball tracking technology to provide better

club fitting capabilities as well as detailed

club calibration feedback.

What is FlightScope?

FlightScope is a unique ball flight monitor that allows us to

analyze a variety of characteristics of the golf ball during flight.

Some of the measurements that Flight Scope provides include:

Carry Distance, Finish Distance, Clubhead Speed and Path, Ball

Speed, Smash Factor (impact efficiency), Rate of Back and Side

Spin, and Launch Angle. It measures clubs and ball flight

directly, providing the most extensive set of measured data

available on the market today.

Sounds Technical - How Can it help me?

Having access to this information allows us to analyze clubhead

path, angle of attack and club face angle and more. So if you're

looking to hit the ball further, higher, lower or with more or less

spin then the help of the FlightScope is for you. 

FlightScope  gives us the ability to better assess and analyze

players of all levels in a scientific, and professional manner. 

We use nFlight Software which allows us to

record data for clubs tested during the fitting

session.  This information is invaluable as it

accurately determines the longest and most accurate club for

your game.

 We Stock Fitting Centers and test clubs from all Major


 Including Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, Titleist, Mizuno, Cobra,

Wilson, Cleveland, and More. 

Call Ahead For ClubFitting Appointments

Flight Scope Launch Monitor Club Fittings   $50.00 charge**  ** No Charge for Fitting if Customer is buying Clubs** 
“Award Winning Clubfitting”


Top 100



Recognized by Golf Digest as one of the best places to be fit. 
Adrianne Clor  Selected Among Top ClubFitters  Callaway Golf

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Measured Ball Data •Ball Speed •Vertical Launch Angle •Horizontal Launch Angle •Vertical Descent Angle •Smash Factor •Spin Rate •Spin Axis •Carry Distance •Roll Distance •Total Distance •Lateral Landing •Apex Height •Flight Time •Shot Dispersion •Skills Distance to Pin •Skills ScoreMeasured Club Data •Low Point •Club Speed •Club Speed Profile •Club Acceleration Profile •Face to Target •Face to Path •Dynamic Loft •Angle of Attack •Club Path •Spin Loft •Vertical Swing Plane •Horizontal Swing Plane

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